Fortune 500 Company Elevates its Office Utilization Strategy with SAP Analytics Cloud

Empowering confident decision making across the enterprise

Managing space utilization is essential to optimize office spaces, functionalities, and as a result, employees’ productivity. However, tracking office utilization can be difficult without real-time insights and analytics. For the Fortune 500 company, gaining a holistic view of their real estate across the globe wasn’t easy. To solve this challenge, the company turned to several SAP solutions to drive the implementation of a successful office utilization strategy. The powerful solution that helped make this vision happen was SAP Analytics Cloud.

With this new enterprise analytics solution, the leading company gained access to the real-time, data-driven insights they needed to make strategic, operational office planning decisions. Here is the story of how the Fortune 500 company made their vision come to life with SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Defining the Challenge

One of the biggest challenges the company faced was the ability to track actual office utilization. With no way to accurately track office utilization in real-time data, the Fortune 500 company lacked a holistic view of their global real estate.

As a fast-growing company, they needed to gain an accurate view of their utilization and assigned spaces to enable strategic and operation office planning. Their goal was to extract insights to make better decisions around:

  • The number of workspaces required
  • Increasing utilization efficiency of individual areas
  • Improving utilization effectiveness of shared workspaces
  • Deciding whether a dedicated or open workspace is more efficient

To extract the answers to these questions, the company leveraged SAP Analytics Cloud.

The Solution: User Persona Dashboards

Using SAP Analytics Cloud, the market-leading company was able to create multiple persona dashboards. Here, the company could grant different levels of access based on the personas’ position and needs. These persona dashboards include:


The Executive: Making confident decisions with data visualizations

The company’s Executive persona needed insights on how particular locations and floors are performing in terms of utilization percentage, peak utilization, and vacant count. To achieve this vision, the company leveraged SAP Analytics Cloud to create dashboards to easily track their KPIs for average desk count, utilization, and vacancy count. With the solution’s powerful data visualization features, executives are now able to easily visualize their data in the forms of tables and charts. Here, Executives were able to gain a top-level view on where they could cut costs in their office utilization plan.


The Data Analyst: Performing in-depth analyses with advanced calculations

The company’s Data Analysts needed a solution that would enable in-depth analysis of their current office utilization landscape. With SAP Analytics Cloud, Analysts could get more granular with their data using calculations and filters to compare average utilization and peak utilization by date and year. Analysts could then use these findings to inform their recommendations for the company’s office utilization strategy.


The Administrator: Harnessing real-time dashboards for smooth operations

To measure, manage, and optimize workplace occupancy, the Fortune 500 company integrated real-time tracking sensors throughout their offices. The company’s Administration team was responsible for ensuring that the sensors were operating smoothly. Using SAP Analytics Cloud, the administrators were able to receive automated insights to validate how the sensors were performing. This allowed Administrators to take immediate action when a specific sensor was defective.


The Results: Moving Forward with SAP Analytics Cloud

By establishing various persona dashboards to track office utilization rates, the market-leading company was able to meet its goals of:

  • Delivering global-ready, adaptive processes and systems for the extended enterprise
  • Gaining a holistic view of the company’s office utilization across the globe
  • Transforming decision making across the enterprise by harnessing real-time, up-to-the-minute dashboards
  • Driving productivity and growth across global offices with their new office utilization plan in place
  • Saving costs by helping the company efficiently utilize available resources across the enterprise’s offices

Now, with an established strategic office utilization strategy, the company has all the tools they need to optimize office space, employee productivity, and costs across the organizations—all thanks to SAP Analytics Cloud.


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