Furst-McNess Achieves Streamlined Efficiency with SAP Analytics Cloud

Furst-McNess company has delivered customized commercial animal feed, feed ingredients, and consultations to their clients for over 100 years. Founded in 1908, the 350 person company creates value for their clients with innovative animal health and technology products. Already users of SAP S/4HANA, Furst-McNess saw the need to streamline their manual planning processes and future-proof their operation by extending to the cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning.

50% reduction in time required to prepare financial reporting documents
3 months to deploy enterprise-wide planning and reporting software

Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Financial reporting and budgeting are an integral part of Furst-McNess‘ business processes. Before extending to SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, the company manually gathered reports using SAP Business Explorer tools and multiple spreadsheets. This was quite time consuming and inefficient. 

 On the budgeting side, Furst-McNess completed budgets manually in standalone spreadsheets. This meant that the budgets were not easily accessible, and many versions could exist separately as numbers were adjusted in the spreadsheets. All of these factors were a recipe for inaccuracy.  

Additionally, Furst-McNess‘ Enterprise Resource Planning solution SAP S/4HANA was not connected to their planning systems, leading to disjointed planning and actual data with no single source of truth. While this system worked for Furst-McNess initially, they were now looking for a more efficient, agile, and accurate financial planning and analysis solution.  


With the help of SAP partner SimpleFIFurst-McNess decided to extend their SAP S/4HANA instance to the cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud. This extended solution with financial planning, budgeting, and reporting, eliminated many manual processes.  

With the financial expertise provided by SimpleFIFurst-McNess was set up for success when implementing new financial planning, analysis, and execution processes in one solutionAdditionally, the simplicity of operating the financial planning solution kept IT effort low, freeing up their time and expertise for other necessary projects.  

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Immediately, Furst-McNess saw a change in how easy it was for employees to make reporting changes themselves, rather than having to involve IT or consultants due to SAP Analytics Cloud’s self-service design. This led to more rapid rollout cost center reporting and dashboard metric reporting. More concretely, the company reduced their 40-page financial reporting package to 15 pages due to the ability to access financial details directly in SAP Analytics Cloud.  

Additionally, plan and actual data across the enterprise was now right at the company’s fingertips with the use of SAP S/4HANA combined with SAP Analytics Cloud. As a result, daily metric reporting was now possible to the executive leadership team. Undoubtedly, easy access to real-time, accurate data allowed the leadership team to make confident successful decisions for Furst-McNess 

Finally, Furst-McNess implemented real-time reports and planning across the entire organization. This change meant that departmental leaders could all see an organization wide view of the company’s reports and contribute in real-time. Relying on a single source of truth meant that it was now possible to make efficient decisions that leaders could be sure would lead to success for Furst-McNess 

We are very pleased with the results of our project with SAP Analytics Cloud. We are now able to view key business information in an easy-to-read format in real time.

Matt Hartman, CFO, Furst-McNess Company