How Callaway Golf Transitioned their Planning Process from a Legacy Solution to the Cloud

Over the past four decades, Callaway Golf has been a market leader in delivering innovative sporting products, helping golfers hit accurate and high-performing shots from the tee to the green. While Callaway Golf’s success stems from innovation and quality, these aspects were missing from their existing planning and reporting solution. To elevate their planning process, Callaway Golf decided to replace their outdated planning software with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning.

With the help from our partner NIMBL, Callaway Golf successfully implemented SAP Analytics Cloud across their global enterprise in just 6-months. Now, Callaway Golf has a single, consolidated planning solution that has enabled the company to streamline their expense and asset plans so they can focus on what they do best—delivering cutting edge sports equipment. 

Switching to the Cloud for our Planning processes was the best decision we could have made. SAP Analytics Cloud has the modern planning capabilities that were missing from our previous legacy system and as a result, has sped up our planning cycles, significantly.

Norman Ruppert, Senior Manager of Global Reporting Systems, Callaway Golf

Founded in 1982, Callaway Golf has exponentially expanded across the globe—building their company from the roots up. Now, consisting of 5 powerful brands including—Callaway Golf, TravisMathew, Jack Wolfskin, Odyssey, and Ogio—Callaway Golf needed a way to consolidate and streamline their planning and reporting systems across their entire organization. That’s when Callaway Golf decided to move from their legacy planning solution to SAP Analytics Cloud.

The Challenge

Before integrating SAP Analytics Cloud, Callaway Golf’s planning landscape centered around SAP’s legacy planning solution—BPS. While BPS met Callaway Golf’s planning needs for many years, the enterprise began to experience limitations with their old solution:

  • Disconnected Plans Across the Board: As Callaway Golf expanded, planning processes greatly differed across the enterprise with some business units using Excel spreadsheets and others using legacy solutions for their planning processes. This led to disconnected plans across the organization.
  • Outdated Planning Functionalities: Callaway Golf’s legacy planning solution lacked many modern functionalities. Additionally, salary calculations and asset depreciation automation needed improvement. As a result, it became difficult to create detailed and accurate forecasts across the globe.
  • Significant IT Support: The legacy solution required significant IT support to keep the solution running. IT had to carve out a full day every week to manually maintain the solution.

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SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning is a true user-driven solution where businesses are able to own and manage modeling, calculations, and reporting. The biggest success working with Callaway Golf is implementing the solution together, with transparency and constant feedback, made possible through an agile solution like SAP Analytics Cloud.

Will Chen, Practice Lead of EPM Solutions, NIMBL

The Solution

To solve these issues, Callaway Golf turned to our SAP partner, NIMBL. This partner works with companies of all sizes to solve their data challenges. They look at the current situation and larger industry trends to help companies reach their data and analytics goals. With NIMBL’s expertise, Callaway Golf laid out the following goals for their new planning landscape with SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Crowdsource and consolidate plans across the enterprise to gain a global overview of their planned expenses and expanding the input capabilities to each responsible owner.
  • Leverage elevated planning functionalities to create faster and more accurate forecast cost center expense and asset reports. The ability to customize calculations enhances and automates the reporting metrics.
  • Harness the power of self-service analytics to alleviate IT from the burden of simple maintenance and data entry requests, so they can focus on high-ROI tasks.
  • User-Driven Admin Capabilities to control the management of calculations and forms. Creating new KPIs driven by the business needs.

Here is how NIMBL and Callaway Golf accomplished this with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning.


Consolidating Data and Plans with SAP Analytics Cloud

As Callaway Golf expanded, planning processes greatly differed across the enterprise with some brands relying on Excel spreadsheets and others using BPS. In addition, various departments and brands used different data sources such as:

  • SAP BW Embedded SAP ERP Central Component for direct expenses
  • SAP S/4HANA for TravisMathews’ asset planning
  • Third-party data sources for labor costs

This led to data silos across the organization, making it difficult to gain a clear picture of the enterprise’s planned expenses.

Thanks to SAP Analytics Cloud’s flexible integration with other data sources, Callaway Golf was able to easily consolidate their data and plans from across the board into one, unified planning and analysis system. The solution seamlessly connects to a variety of data source systems, allowing Callaway Golf to bring their data together, providing a single source of truth across the organization.

Streamlining Planning Processes with Scenario Planning

When SEM-BPS was the center of Callaway Golf’s planning landscape, flexibility was a huge factor that was missing. Their legacy forecasting system was difficult to navigate and lacked working functions and calculations across the board—such as planning on depreciation and existing assets, adding vendors or members on the fly, and breaking down their Cost Center expense planning forecasts.

SAP Analytics Cloud contains powerful scenario planning capabilities that help organizations quickly uncover actionable insights to make data-driven decisions. For Callaway Golf, SAP Analytics Cloud’s modern planning functionalities provided users with the ability to:

  • Add members on the fly
  • Plan on existing as well as planned assets and automatically calculate the depreciation of values.
  • Test “what-if” scenarios for deeper analysis by creating private versions of plans
  • Customize the solution based on their current business process
  • Perform Driver-Based Calculations

SAP Analytics Cloud’s advance planning capabilities helped Callaway Golf simplify and streamline their end-to-end planning workflows, empowering teams to make better-informed decisions in a fraction of the time.

Letting Everyone in on the Plan with Self-Service Analytics

A big part of becoming a data-driven enterprise is empowering your employees to plan and analyze the data themselves without having to ask IT. Alleviating IT from the burden of simple data requests lets them focus on high-ROI tasks and ultimately helps optimize company resources.

In Callaway Golf’s case, the IT department often spends numerous hours helping users with simple data entry and authorization requests. With SAP Analytics Cloud’s modern, user-friendly interface, Callaway Golf hopes to empower their employees to execute end-to-end planning scenarios, without the help of IT. Not only will this reduce IT’s workload but also dramatically accelerate planning cycles, allowing the team to focus their expertise on generating strategic insights to make meaningful data-driven decisions.

The Results: Planning for a Better Future

By replacing their legacy system with SAP Analytics Cloud, Callaway Golf and its employees gained one of the most powerful planning and reporting tools on the market. With NIMBL’s expertise in SAP and Planning processes, Callaway Golf was able to implement and seamlessly integrate SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning in just 6 months. This solution helped Callaway Golf planners consolidate plans—breaking down data silos and aligning planning processes across the enterprise. Without extensive IT support for mundane administration requests, teams could now focus on generating strategic insights and act on the information found in their plans. With the powerful modeling features, financial planning processes were streamlined across the organization, attributing to quicker planning cycles.

SAP Analytics Cloud helped Callaway Golf reach its goal of creating a planning landscape that is easily accessible by all users across the enterprise—giving them the innovation and performance they were looking for.

In just 6 months, we have a streamlined planning process across our enterprise. With SAP Analytics Cloud, we are excited to explore the future of planning and analytics.

Norman Ruppert, Senior Manager of Global Reporting Systems, Callaway Golf

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