How ConvergentIS Unifies Planning Across the Enterprise

Accelerating insights across the organization with enterprise analytics

Effective and efficient planning calls for cross enterprise collaboration. As ConvergentIS expanded, numerous excel sheets were created to upkeep the organization’s information, leading to data silos. ConvergentIS needed a way to unify planning processes in one consolidated platform. That’s when they turned to SAP Analytics Cloud to bring their information together in a scalable end-to-end solution, to ultimately reach one source of truth.

>20% in time savings
3 days to implement SAP Analytics Cloud
1 source of truth

ConvergentIS offers business & SAP consulting services, as well as off-the-shelf SAP apps to make ECC and SAP S/4HANA even easier. In 2020, the organization added SAP Analytics Cloud to their implementation product portfolio. Leading by example, ConvergentIS integrated SAP Analytics Cloud in their IT landscape first-hand, so when their customers are looking to do the same, they are able to empathize and share best practices throughout the implementation process. ConvergentIS’ digital transformation motto is, “do it ourselves first and lead customers by example.”

For us to grow well, we needed a better planning and reporting tool across the business, SAP Analytics Cloud is helping our team lead by example with a state of the art cloud solution.

Shaun Syvertsen, Managing Partner / CEO at ConvergentIS

Defining the Data Problem

ConvergentIS’ IT landscape consisted of multiple SAP and non-SAP solutions – all used in planning, simulation, analytics, and reporting. With data spread across multiple solutions, it was time consuming to maintain the accuracy and integrity of information, with constantly changing business developments. In addition, teams used independent excel sheets to plan and manage their initiatives. The combination of various platforms and dozens of excel sheets represented a solution that worked though could not scale to meet the growing needs of the business. To continue to scale without growing SG&A costs ConvergentIS needed an efficient central planning & reporting solution to provide a holistic view of how the organization is doing, and what actions they should take in the future.

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Uniting Planning Across the Enterprise

ConvergentIS underwent a digital transformation, phasing out several non-SAP solutions and replacing them with SAP Analytics Cloud. Previous to implementing SAP Analytics Cloud, teams would use various excel spreadsheets, where updating was needed on a weekly basis – this caused inefficiencies in the repetitive, un-scalable effort to maintain them. With SAP Analytics Cloud, spreadsheets were eliminated from the core planning processes and the data from multiple departments were consolidated in one platform – for one source of truth.

Enterprise Analytics with SAP S/4HANA

As an existing SAP customer running SAP S/4HANA, implementing SAP Analytics Cloud was quick and seamless. It took ConvergentIS only three days total to get SAP Analytics Cloud up and running. With enterprise analytics in SAP S/4HANA, they received SAP Analytics Cloud integration out-of-the-box, enabling a smooth digital transformation. This created immediate value for ConvergentIS, as SAP Analytics Cloud provided business intelligence, augmented analytics, and innovative planning capabilities.

The integration and speed of surfacing KPIs from SAP S/4HANA was tremendous – great teamwork helped us pull it off in production in just 3 days.

Shaun Syvertsen, Managing Partner / CEO at ConvergentIS

ConvergentIS implemented dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud and linked the data from SAP S/4HANA in real-time with live connectivity. This ensured consistency, completeness, and trust across the enterprise with information streaming into a single source. With the speed and accuracy of SAP S/4HANA, planning in SAP Analytics Cloud allowed for fast, self-service data visualization and analysis – all captured in real-time.

With SAP Analytics Cloud integrated with SAP S/4HANA operational processes, it provided ConvergentIS with first-class analytics to further enhance their intelligent enterprise capabilities. Here, business users utilized the pre-defined reporting capabilities and effortlessly integrated this into their daily work – saving time and resources in planning. With personalized access to data and ad-hoc analytical capabilities, ConvergentIS dived deep into the organization’s data and drove confident decision-making.

What SAP Analytics Cloud Made Possible

New IT architecture with SAP Analytics Cloud

Now that the planning process is directly linked to live SAP S/4HANA data in the lines-of-business across the enterprise, they are seeing a 20% reduction in time savings, in addition to optimizing internal resources. With the information streamlined into SAP Analytics Cloud, the teams at ConvergentIS are able to get a broader view of their data in a unified solution. SAP Analytics Cloud’s augmented analytics and predictive features allow executives to better forecast and make decisions confidently all in one simplified, real-time dashboard.

ConvergentIS is still in the first year of its data transformation journey with SAP Analytics Cloud, though they already are already seeing significant cost and time savings in their newly connected data landscape. With SAP Analytics Cloud, ConvergentIS collaborated across the enterprise and maintained the integrity of each function yet has an end-to-end view to confidently drive decisions and accelerate results.

With organizations becoming increasingly complex, there’s never been a more important time to allow collaboration to thrive. Sign up for the SAP Analytics Cloud trial to access both business intelligence and planning capabilities, maybe give ConvergentIS a call to see how they can help you too.

Because we run SAP S/4HANA the simplicity of integration and speed of set-up really accelerated our time to value with this investment. It’s worth it. We’d love to help you in your journey too.

Shaun Syvertsen, Managing Partner / CEO at ConvergentIS

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