How Ligue Nationale de Basket Levels Up their Planning Processes with SAP Analytics Cloud

Operating the top-tier Jeep Elite and Pro B league competitions, Ligue Nationale de Basket (LNB) is France’s governing body for men’s professional basketball. With a remit to help more than 30 clubs achieve effective budgeting and financial control, LNB gathers financial data for monitoring and analysis three times a year. However, manual processes using spreadsheets meant that collecting this information was time-consuming and error-prone.

With the help from SAP Partner, Abington Advisory, LNB implemented SAP Analytics Cloud to streamline their planning processes. In just a short period, LNB was able to establish a single source of truth for their finance data—improving data accuracy and decision-making across all LNB clubs.

8x faster submission of finance data by basketball clubs, down from two working days to two hours of each budget cycle
1.5 days of manual data entry eliminated for each budget cycle thanks to automated data imports

The Challenge

With their budgeting and financial data spread across multiple spreadsheets, LNB’s financial planning and analysis process became heavily siloed and disconnected. This made it impossible to gain an accurate view of LNB’s planning data and overall financial landscape across all clubs. It also made it extremely time-consuming for the company’s financial planning and analysis teams to consolidate their data from multiple spreadsheets and systems—leading to manual and tedious data collection and processing efforts.

With the planning process being executed in a vacuum, LNB and its clubs needed a powerful solution to:

  • Streamline their planning processes and establish a single source of truth across all LNB clubs
  • Simplify the collection of financial information by establishing digitalized and automated submission processes
  • Enable in-depth analysis to support budgetary decision-making and ongoing strategy development

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The Solution

With the help from SAP partner, Abington Advisory, LNB was able to turn these goals into a reality using SAP Analytics Cloud—an enterprise planning solution that empowers users to analyze, plan, budget, and predict, all in one place.

Leveraging Abington Advisory’s expertise, the integration of SAP Analytics Cloud was seamless. The SAP Partner even took the time and care to help LNB customize SAP Analytics Cloud to better fit their business’ specific requirements.

Once integrated, LNB was able to streamline their financial planning process by having one planning solution, SAP Analytics Cloud, that could bring their data from different clubs and data sources together. Then, leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud’s automation capabilities, LNB could automate the data collection and entry process across all clubs. This helped reduce the manual process of collecting and rekeying information as SAP Analytics Cloud would automatically pull in new data from across the enterprise.

With all their planning data now in one place, LNB leveraged SAP Analytics Cloud’s intuitive data visualization and analysis features to uncover insights from their data. Integrating visualizations such as graphs and charts, LNB could explore specific areas in detail or compare financial positions across multiple clubs. Further, the company was able to simulate future outcomes to investigate and show the financial impacts of different business scenarios. LNB and its clubs could then use the information collected from their analysis to inform confident decision-making and strategy development across the company.

The planning capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud enabled us to gather, store and analyze finance information from all our teams more effectively. This provides us with reliable and in-depth financial insights that help us fulfill our mission and help ensure the economic viability of the clubs.

Paul Lafont, Financial Controller, Ligue National de Basket

The Results

With SAP Analytics Cloud, LNB and its clubs gained a centralized and powerful financial planning solution—eliminating the need for multiple and disparate spreadsheets. Additionally, SAP Analytics Cloud’s automation capabilities reduced manual data collection and processing efforts across the organization. Both of these factors resulted in:

  • A significant reduction in the time spent by administrators on providing and processing financial data
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • More time for critical tasks such as analyzing, extracting insights, and making strategic decisions

With their new planning solution in place, the company is fully equipped to uncover the data-driven insights needed to better advise their clubs on all financial matters.

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