itelligence Making Informed Decisions Inside and Out with SAP Analytics Cloud

itelligence is a Global Pinnacle Award Winning SAP Platinum Partner. A full-service provider of SAP solutions, the company offers customers a broad range of consulting and support services from cloud and on premise implementations to Support, Maintenance, Managed Services and SAP certified training.

As a leading consulting company with over 30 years of experience delivering best-in-class SAP solutions on a global scale, itelligence prides themselves on driving innovation for their customers.

But the best innovators continuously seek to improve upon reliable systems. This was one reason why the company recently dove headfirst into SAP Analytics Cloud on their own: to see just how far they could push the software for their customers. Once disjointed, segregated, and full of room for human error, their system now enables quicker decisions, provides a holistic picture of what is happening throughout the company, and puts data into the hands of the users who need it.

~5–10 minutes for analysis of a large proposal with improved data capabilities
50+ SAP Analytics Cloud users throughout itelligence

Customers should have no reason to be concerned about getting started. Our experience showed you can experiment — and it’s not expensive. The change management was easy, and the results were tremendous. Don’t be afraid. Start small, test things out, and see where it takes you.

Darshan Shah, SVP & Chief Consulting Officer, itelligence

Defining the Data Problem

As a leading IT consulting firm, itelligence has focused on delivering SAP solutions to customers for more than three decades. Their success is grounded in a core belief that drives their continued growth: We can’t just know these technologies. We must use them ourselves.

Before implementing SAP Analytics Cloud, itelligence had disparate databases of several distinct systems. The company struggled to find streamlined and actionable data, often wading through different systems to keep tabs on digitalization, billing, profitability, and more.

We need to know how far we can push these tools. We need to learn to get every ounce of usefulness out of them so we can do the same for our customers.

Erin Short, Senior Operations Manager, Consulting, itelligence

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The Challenge: Enabling Advanced Analytics to Reinvent Legacy Systems

The lack of centralized data led to inconsistent processes – teams would do things their own way, with differing results. This increased the likelihood of errors in data collection. Uniting processes to increase visibility into existing data was often painful. Not to mention, business users were not always comfortable with using analytics.

They company needed a way to centralize their data so that they could increase decision-making in various company segments. They knew it was time for improved financial analysis and deeper insights. And they wanted to show customers that every aspect of their business can be leveraged with a unified tool.

We did this because we needed this. It’s helped us be more efficient across the board and set us up perfectly for the future. Every piece of our business can be put into SAP Analytics Cloud in some way.

Erin Short, Senior Operations Mangaer, Consulting, itelligence

The Solution: Learning SAP Analytics Cloud

The upside? itelligence did not have a shortage of data.

Embracing SAP Analytics Cloud simply meant learning to use and analyze it in a new way — to capture a holistic view of the business and its numbers, across the board.

The actual implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud was far easier and quicker than the teams at itelligence ever expected. It’s user-friendly and intuitive UI made learning incredibly easy. As well, the variety of dashboards and models helped itelligence consolidate a lot of data from the cloud, including win rates, opportunities, and so much more.

I’m not a technical user. I’m a business user. But the platform is user-friendly and intuitive. And as someone who tends to tinker — who goes into the toy store and touches all of the buttons — I found this to be right up my alley.

Erin Short, Senior Operations Manager, Consulting, itelligence.

The Results: Faster Processes and Quick, Confident Decision-Making

The implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud has enhanced every piece of itelligence’s professional services business. After learning how to operate the platform, the team at itelligence were able to pull the pipeline of anyone who asked in just two days.

Powered with the ability to access real-time information and make confident business decisions on the spot, teams noticed an increase in efficiency.

From Sales to operations, entire teams that were siloed were being brought together like never before. Both consulting and managed services have seen benefits, in analyzing profitability, subcontractor usage, billing rates, cost rates, sales reporting and opportunities, and more.

With SAP Analytics Cloud firmly entrenched — and tested — within its own offices, itelligence can now turn towards what matters most: its customers.

It’s putting the power of analytics and reporting into the hands of our businesspeople. Business leaders should not be concerned that the software is too complicated for them. They can do more with SAP Analytics Cloud than they think.

Darshan Shah, Senior Vice President & Chief Consulting Officer, itelligence

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