Sulzer Embraces Hybrid Strategy with SAP Analytics Cloud

Preparing their customers for the future

To provide the best information technology expertise possible, Sulzer has to make sure they’re always ahead of the curve. With specialization in combining different technologies to create the optimal IT infrastructure for their clients, it’s important that Sulzer tests the best strategies themselves. As advocates of SAP BusinessObjects, Sulzer saw the need to move forward with a hybrid strategy of SAP BusinessObjects with SAP Analytics Cloud to better service their customers. However, they knew it was integral that customers could still access data in close to real- time in the cloud, but still keep their data safe and secure in on-premise storage. Luckily, SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect (LDC) made this possible.

Sulzer GmbH has been operating as an IT company since 1978 and has since developed into an independent, international, full-service IT provider, with a focus on the mobility industry. Sulzer is a long-standing software partner of leading German companies. In particular, they are characterized by a high level of expertise in the automotive sector.

Sulzer offers full IT services including consulting, conception, realization, integration and comprehensive services such as operational support and maintenance. The company distinguishes itself through profound experience on all classic platforms, from mainframe, Unix, and Windows, to multi-tier client and server configurations: Intra-, Extra- and Internet.

Since 2001 Sulzer has been offering SAP services in their portfolio. They pride themselves on  maintaining long-term, trusting partnerships with customers and suppliers. Together with their customers, Sulzer has often explored new territory, mastered technological upheavals and met challenges with innovative solutions.

>800 Employees
1978 Started Operations
2001 Started Offering SAP Services

Addressing the Challenge

Sulzer and its customer’s data landscape consisted of on-premise data solutions like SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Business Warehouse (BW). These worked well for clients, but they also come with a large monetary investment as well as a lack of flexibility. Customers were very interested in moving to the cloud but were also concerned about keeping their existing on-premise investments. Additionally, it was key that customers could also keep their on-premise security intact, to retain peace of mind that their data was safe behind pre-configured firewalls.

Extending from SAP BusinessObjects to SAP Analytics Cloud meets our customers goals of keeping on-premise investments, but still accessing cutting edge technology in the cloud.

Dirk Fischer, Business Intelligence Manager Team Lead, Sulzer GmbH

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Extending to the Cloud

To build a data landscape that would work for their customers, Sulzer got started on a hybrid approach with SAP’s Early Adopter Care program (EAC). As an EAC program member, Sulzer had access to a team of SAP experts to ensure success. The team understood that for Sulzer and their customers, a live data connection was essential- that’s where SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect (LDC) came in. Working alongside the EAC program team, Sulzer upgraded from LDC 2.3 to LDC 3.0, effectively implementing a true hybrid solution with a live data connection between their on-premise data in SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud. Now that Sulzer has successfully implemented the solution, they can confidently help their clients extend to the cloud.

SAP Live Data Connect 3.0, with its new executable file, was easier to install than the previous versions (1.x and 2.x). This was a huge enhancement, specifically the feature that allowed me to run it independently from the tomcat of the SAP BusinessObjects platform.

Diana I. Chavez R., BI Consultant, Sulzer GmbH

A New Data Solution

With SAP Analytics Cloud in place, Sulzer has seen a number of exciting changes that bring value to themselves and their customers. Immediately, business users are more engaged in analytics thanks to the self-service analytics features within SAP Analytics Cloud. This means users are able to create their own Stories and interact with organization wide analytics all in one application. Sulzer has also started to work in Analytics Designer, creating guided applications for Business Intelligence, as well as planning processes. This has resulted in facilitating a more organized and efficient financial process. Additionally, users love that SAP Analytics Cloud’s machine learning features such as Smart Predict, allow them to easily compare data alongside what-if simulations and derive hidden insights. With these features, Sulzer and its customers can feel secure they are making informed data-driven decisions.

To move to the cloud and still be able to keep Sulzer’s customers SAP BusinessObjects investments by leveraging LDC, is truly ground-breaking. Customers can migrate to SAP Analytics Cloud at their own pace, or even just use the mobile access and Analytics Designer capabilities while still keeping their data on-premise. Sulzer and its customers have ultimate flexibility and adaptability with the possibility of many different on-premise, cloud, and hybrid scenarios with SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud.

As an SAP partner, Sulzer is very excited to move to the cloud with SAP, we believe it brings new important opportunities to not only ourselves, but to our customers as well.

Dirk Fischer, Business Intelligence Manager Team Lead, Sulzer GmbH

Looking to the Future

Sulzer is poised and ready to continue helping their customers transition to the cloud and continue growing with SAP. They believe it’s not all about the end point, but about a successful journey extending to the cloud at whatever pace and solution their customers are comfortable with. Whether that means transitioning fully to SAP Analytics Cloud as quickly as possible, or moving forward with a hybrid solution, Sulzer is ready to support their customers.

Our experience has taught us, that is not enough to position a one-time solution, instead it is better and more sustainable to develop and discover new possibilities with our customers in a permanent and mutually beneficial way.

Dirk Fischer, Business Intelligence Manager Team Lead, Sulzer GmbH

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