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In the current age of the digital consumer, quality, price, and value are no longer the only differentiators that matter. More than ever, the consumer products industry must embrace the shift to the “customer outcomes” revolution—where experiences are the key drivers for your business’ success. SAP Analytics Cloud provides organizations with the right tools to break down siloes, proactively adapt to consumers’ changing needs, and uncover the real value behind your data for smarter decision-making.


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Key Challenges for Consumer Products

Inability to proactively forecast demand

Having the ability to accurately match supply with demand is crucial for consumer products companies. Without access to a wide range of manufacturing and supply chain data, companies can’t forecast demand, making it impossible to retrieve meaningful insights.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, consumer products companies can create open, agile, and collaborative cross-channel supply and demand networks that support both traditional and direct-to-consumer business models. By providing real-time information and cross-network transparency, SAP Analytics Cloud transforms supply chain and manufacturing capacity planning by enabling just-in-time availability while streamlining inventory and safety stock.

Limited visibility to end-to-end supply chain

There are broader factors that impact forecasting. The cost of raw materials – such as crops, ore, wood, and fuel – can vary based on many factors, such as the weather, scarcity, worldwide demand, and global crises. Industry leaders need the right tools to predict these scenarios in order to make the right buying and operational decisions. This is even more difficult when this data is spread across disparate systems.

Gain a 360-degree view of your consumer products landscape with SAP Analytics Cloud’s advanced connectivity capabilities. With integrated connectivity, you can bring together your industry data from multiple data sources into a single source of truth. Once your data is consolidated, you can leverage SAP Analytics Cloud’s powerful predictive features to simulate future outcomes based on changing operational and environmental data.

Difficulty gaining a 360-degree view of consumers

The IoT and intelligence that is being built into products combined with social media and other external data sources provide sales and marketing leaders with the opportunity to create meaningful, direct relationships. To achieve this, leaders need to be able to consolidate their data and extract meaningful insights from their information.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps consumer products companies bring together information from a wide range of sources – including IoT connected products, transactional data, unstructured sources, social media, and geospatial information into a single platform. Tap into enterprise-wide insights to gain a 360-degree picture of your consumers’ preferences, sentiments, and behavior—helping your teams uncover opportunities and make better decisions.

Analytics in the
Consumer Products Industry

Enterprise Analytics

Transform your consumer products company into a data-driven organization with SAP Analytics Cloud. Harness the power of business intelligence, augmented analytics, and extended planning and analysis to easily plan, predict, and share insights across the business. The all-in-one enterprise analytics solution seamlessly integrates with SAP and third-party solutions—providing your company a harmonized, 360-degree view of the business.

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Enterprise Planning

Planning can no longer be executed in silos. To achieve better business outcomes, planning needs to be a collaborative process across the business. With SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, you can create strategic alignment across all departments—helping increase engagement and accuracy when creating plans and budgets. With collaboration built into its core, SAP Analytics Cloud for planning empowers every business area to collaborate in real-time by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes.

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Packaged Business Content

SAP Analytics Cloud’s free Business Content provides a quick and easy starting point for your analytics scenarios. Discover pre-built models and industry dashboards tailor-made for your consumer products business scenarios.

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See How Consumer Products Customers Are Innovating with SAP Analytics Cloud

Leading Greek Yogurt brand, Chobani, financial planning and enterprise reporting process operated mainly through offline spreadsheets and standalone databases. This brought about many challenges including non-standard data and metric calculations, data handling errors, and days of work to create and reconcile reports across functions. Chobani implemented the full suite of SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities to provide their business with a robust, system-based approach to their financial planning—leading to the transformation of their enterprise reporting process across all functions. Learn how the project significantly streamlined and automated Chobani’s financial planning by listening to their full story.

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