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Become a Data-Driven Government Agency


Governments have a heightened responsibility to serve as an authoritative source of truth for people. SAP Analytics Cloud provides your government agency with the tools it needs to break down siloes, optimize processes, and turn insight into action so you can focus on the challenges of tomorrow.


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Key Challenges for Public Sector

Delivering Consumer-like Citizen Experiences

Providing great experiences for the people who rely on you requires having data at your fingertips. Only with a 360-degree view of your constituents can you deliver efficient, friendly, and transparent services.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides public sector leaders with one single solution to consolidate and analyze real-time data from multiple sources. With an accurate view of their citizen’s profiles, they’re empowered to provide personalized experiences and even anticipate their needs.

Improving the Use of Data for Evidence-based Policies

Public sector leaders need to develop evidence-based policies. But in an increasingly complex world, problems have multiple root causes, and governments struggle to integrate that complexity into policy creation because of the limitations of their legacy systems.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, governments can consolidate multiple data sources to establish a single source of truth for policy creation. Law makers can even use predictive technology to quickly simulate outcomes and make confident decisions.

Unifying Core and Support Operations

To run effectively, governments need well-designed and well-implemented business processes for its operations. But the quality of internal operations depends on data from other lines of business within the public sector, which are often siloed.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides stakeholders with a holistic view of their entire organization across all lines of business. With a unified analytics platform, public sector entities can better allocate resources, streamline processes, and achieve operational excellence.

Taronga Zoo

Enhancing the User Experience with Digital Technologies

To expand its impact on wildlife conservation and enhance the visitor experience, Taronga needed access to real-time reporting to make data-driven decisions. Taronga identified SAP Analytics Cloud as a future-ready platform – a solution that enabled the company to adapt quickly and pivot to rapidly changing market needs.

Analytics in the Public Sector

Advanced Analytics

Transform your public sector agency into a data-driven organization. Get faster insight to value with the power of business intelligence, predictive analytics, and extended planning with one solution.

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Live Data Connections

Ensure the safety of your sensitive data and meet data sovereignty requirements. Leverage Live Data Connections with SAP Analytics Cloud to your on-premise data sources and benefit from the true power of analytics without moving data to the Cloud.

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Pre-built Business Content

SAP Analytics Cloud’s free Business Content provides a quick and easy starting point for your analytics scenarios. Pre-built models and dashboards are tailor-made for several public sector scenarios.

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