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Transform into a customer first, data-driven retailer


In the retail industry, having immediate insights into consumer behaviour and business-critical data is crucial. But retailers struggle to process point of sale (POS) information effectively to get accurate insights and make confident decisions. For retailers to become an intelligent enterprise, siloed operations with conflicting KPIs must become a thing of the past.


SAP Analytics Cloud enables retail organizations to visualize real-time data in a collaborative self-service environment to find meaningful behavioural patterns in customer-specific business data. This reduces dependency on IT, allowing business users to create stories that provide insights to help make data-driven decisions.


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Key Challenges
for Retail

Achieving Customer-Centricity Across the Value Chain

Today, retail customer experience teams need insight into a wide range of live data across the value chain- and fast. These valuable insights on customer behaviour can unlock opportunities to engage with the customer in the moment, consistently, across multiple sales channels.

SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly connects to a wide range of data systems—whether SAP, or third-party solutions. This allows your organization to tap into enterprise-wide insights and experience a full range of analytics and planning capabilities, helping your customer experience team make strategic decisions.

Implementing Supply Chain Management

Retailers need to anticipate demand and get the right products to stores at the right time. They need the ability to optimally fulfill demand from anywhere.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, retailers can leverage advanced business intelligence, predictive analytics, and forecasting capabilities to monitor their business-critical data. This solution provides an analytical overview of actual sales and system forecasts along with the out-of-stock rate for product locations.

Redefining Store Operations

Digital convergence is transforming the role of frontline employees, who require access to real-time data to manage inventory, optimize store operations, layout, price points, detect trends and support clientele.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, employees can effectively run the store with real-time insights into all areas of the business, provided through role-based dashboards. This allows retailers to achieve greater efficiencies in merchandise and inventory management as well as in one-to-one customer engagement.

Analytics in the Retail Industry

Business Intelligence

With SAP Analytics Cloud, retailers can leverage better visibility into demand and supply, to drive informed decisions on fulfilling customer orders and supply chain planning. Retailers also get a better understanding of sales data for planning of assortments, leading to higher sales with lower cost.

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Enterprise Planning

Centralize the planning process across multiple departments into one single source of truth with SAP Analytics Cloud to improve your planning accuracy and efficiency. Easily identify the gaps between plans and actuals with forecasting, and write back your forecasted results to planning models for accurate, up to date planning.

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Packaged Business Content

To succeed in this competitive and increasingly data-driven environment, data analytics is an essential component to discover business insights. Leverage designed business content packages for SAP Analytics Cloud that seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP S/4HANA, BW and SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) system. Discover pre-built models and dashboards for Replenishment – Sales and Forecasting, Supply Demand overview, Omnichannel Article Availability and Sourcing, POS data analysis, and more.

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