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Building a Story Automatically in SAP Analytics Cloud

Learning Article
  • Creating something from scratch is often fraught with difficulty. You stare at that dreaded blank canvas, wrestling with questions such as where do I start? What is the best way to tell my story? Which charts should I choose? Not only is this experience daunting and potentially anxiety inducing, but it also wastes a lot of time.

    Luckily, we recognize this pain point and have come up with a solution — automatic story building.

    Building a story automatically is an easy way for you to jumpstart the process of creating a new story in SAP Analytics Cloud. When you create a new story and add data to it, you are presented with the option to have SAP Analytics Cloud build your story for you.

    Simply choose the measure you wish to include in your story and the system will do the rest.

    The first page of the story is automatically generated with a selection of charts and tables that best display the selected measure. You can further refine these objects by opening the designer panel. You can change chart type, color, and add new objects. All of the regular options are available.

    Now that you’re no longer looking at a blank canvas, you can continue to build out your story as necessary.

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