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Collaborating, Sharing, and Setting Permissions in SAP Analytics Cloud

Learning Article
  • As teams become more cross-functional, collaborating and sharing is essential. We’ve put a lot of thought into creating a user experience within SAP Analytics Cloud that is intuitive and effective. In this post, we cover:

    • Collaborating
    • Sharing
    • Permissions

    Collaborating on stories

    Collaborating on stories is made easy with the built-in collaboration tools. You can collaborate on a story by:

    • Having a discussion
    • Posting comments
    • Assigning a task

    To create a discussion, simply select the discussion icon, choose one or more people you wish to collaborate with, and then start a conversation. You can message, add attachments, and even link to other stories.

    Commenting is a great way to offer feedback on specific elements in a story. Simply select the element you wish to comment on, click the comment icon, and type in your message. Comments can be addressed to specific users by tagging them with the @ symbol if the story was shared directly with them, rather than indirectly via a ‘team’.

    Input tasks are used to gather feedback or additional information from colleagues. A task is created and sent to the colleague, who adds the requested information and then returns the task.

    You can assign tasks to one or more collaborator. When assigning a task to someone, you can include a final reviewer, attach related content, and even set a deadline and reminder. Your collaborators will receive an email notification with a link to your story. If you set a deadline, an event will be added to their calendar.

    Sharing stories

    There are two ways to share your story:

    • Internally
    • Externally

    To share a story internally, simply select the ‘Share Story’ icon and choose who you wish to share your story with.

    Sharing a story with members in your organization who use SAP Analytics Cloud allows them to use the dynamic features such as hierarchical drill down, input controls, and linked dimensions.

    To share a story externally, select the ‘Save As File’ option and select the file type as PDF. While this is a great way to share your story to external agents who may not have SAP Analytics Cloud. Note that sharing your story this way will remove all the dynamic functionality.

    Setting permissions

    One important part of sharing stories is setting permission levels. SAP Analytics Cloud gives you the option to customize permissions for all users, teams, and individual users.
    The permission options are:

    • Read
    • Update
    • Full control

    You can further customize permission settings in the ‘Edit Sharing Settings’ menu.

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