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Data Entry Basics

Learning Article
  • Completing data entry in tables using SAP Analytics Cloud provides a familiar and intuitive, excel-like experience. This form of data entry is reserved for Planning models only, and includes a number of features that can be used to quickly and easily enter and update values.

    Working with Cells 

    Adjust cell values by clicking the desired cell and simply typing in the new value. Note that by changing certain cell values, other values that are dependent on that value will also change. For example, if you changed the quantity sold of Athletic Shirts, this would also change the value of revenue and profit. 


    However, values will not change if they have been locked. Lock cells by right clicking and selecting Lock Cells. 


    Another way to change values, is to use relative values. For example, if you want to add 10% to your sales on caps, you can simply type in +10% and immediately see the changes, like below.


    Similarly, you can do this if you want to perform mathematic functions on a cell such as multiplying, adding, subtracting, or dividing by a certain amount. You can also copy and paste or cut and paste using the regular keyboard shortcuts.


    Spread, Distribute, and Assign with the Planning Panel

    You also have the option to use our Planning Panel to uncover allocation features beyond those available in basic spreadsheet applications. Here, you can allow smart suggestions to recommend alternative ways to spread, distribute, and assign values in your table to help you execute your planning scenarios with ease. To utilize smart features, simply open up the Planning Panel, hover your mouse over the Recommendations, and choose one to optimally re-organize your table. For a more in-depth look at how you can incorporate the Planning Panel and its smart features into your planning process, click here.


    Multiple Values 

    You may want to enter multiple values in one session, instead of processing each cell update as you go. To do this, select Mass Data Entry from your More Actions menu. 


    Next, change all values you would like to adjust. You can adjust booked or unbooked cells. Once you have completed your mass data entry, choose to Process Data to complete your changes, or choose Exit Mass Data Entry to leave without saving. 


    To learn more details about all the different data entry options, check out this in depth resource.