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Getting Started with SAP Analytics Cloud Business Content Packages

Learning Article
  • If you’re following along this blog series, then you’ve installed the SAP Analytics Cloud Business Content successfully.

    In this post, we’ll cover:

    • Navigating through the content documentation
    • How Lines-of-Business (LoB) and Industries are connected
    • How to combine SAP Analytics Cloud content

    Getting an overview of the content

    To see if the content package is right for you, you’ll likely want to preview it first. The best way to get an overview of the content is to refer to the Business Content page on SAP Analytics Cloud.

    Most of the content comes with demo data, so you can have a look at the stories and dashboards immediately and get a first impression.

    If you’re interested in more details, for example how to fill the content with your own data, you can check out the SAP Analytics Cloud Content Documentation. This is a very comprehensive PDF file which explains how the content can be filled from SAP data sources.

    The PDF is also available in the package description in the product.

    We recommend that you open the bookmarks on the left-hand side which will help you navigate through it.

    You can pick the industry or line-of-business you are interested in and explore the architecture view.

    All Line of Business chapters have a list of where their stories are being reused. For example, SAP__FI_GEN_FINANCE was copied to SAP__CP_FI_FINANCE.

    Reused stories are based on the same models and may look similar, but there are some adjustments made to the story. For example, in some cases they are filtered on different profit centers, which return industry specific demo data or contain industry-specific visualizations.

    In case you do not have a digital boardroom license, you will not see any Digital Boardrooms in your system, but you will have access to all the stories.

    Avoiding accidental loss of enhancements and data

    Updating content or downloading additional packages might overwrite enhancements or changes to content objects, or even lose customer data.

    Please read the chapter 3.2 of the content documentation carefully to avoid accidental loss of enhancements and data.