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Incorporating Predictions in Your Planning Process with Smart Predict

Learning Article
  • The Smart Predict functionality in SAP Analytics Cloud enables you to create predictions about future events, values, and trends by leveraging historical data. Wouldn’t it be great to incorporate this information into your planning process? The video below describes an end to end working scenario in which forecasted data from Smart Predict is seamlessly copied into an existing Planning model.

    We start off with a dataset detailing historical educational expenditure and revenue for the United States. This dataset is used as the input of a Time Series predictive scenario with the goal of forecasting total revenue segmented by state for the next 4 years.

    Once the predictive model is trained, an output dataset can be created and written to a new planning model. With the planning model containing forecasted total revenue created, we can copy the data to a pre-existing master planning model through Cross-Model Copy Data Actions. From within the Data Actions panel we can configure filters, map appropriate measures, dimensions and dates before saving the action.

    Now that everything is prepared we are ready to copy our forecasted data! It’s as simple as creating/opening a story, adding the data action and clicking run!

    Author: Flavia Moser

    Flavia is the Lead Product Expert for the Smart Assist and Smart Predict feature portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud. Flavia holds a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Data Mining. Prior to joining the Analytics Cloud team she worked as a Data Scientist in the healthcare sector.