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Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile App for iOS & Android

Learning Article
  • With the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app for iOS and Android, you can access your analytics on the fly with just your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This means you’ll always have the most recent and relevant information about your business at your fingertips. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to install and effectively use the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app.

    How to Install the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile App


    Before installing the app, you’ll need to make sure you meet the following requirements depending on your mobile device:

    Install the iOS App

    Now that the following requirements have been met, you’re ready to download the app.

    To download and install the iOS App, visit the Apple Store here. Once you’ve installed the app you can access it through your mobile home screen. After you’ve clicked on the app:

    1. Set your application password in the Set App Password To learn how to enable Single Sign-on (SSO), check out this guide.
    2. In the Enter Server URL screen, enter the server URL from your SAP Analytics Cloud browser application and then click Connect.
    3. On the Authorize Client screen, tap Authorize to enable access to your SAP Analytics Cloud data.

    Congratulations! Your SAP Analytics Mobile application is now installed and ready to go. For more details on installing your iOS mobile application, refer to this step-by-step guide.

    Install the Android App

    To download and install the Android mobile app, visit the Google Play Store here. Once you’ve downloaded the app:

    1. Tap “Analytics” to launch the app.
    2. In the Enter Server URL screen, enter the server URL from your SAP Analytics Cloud browser application and then click the checkmark on your device keyboard.
    3. Enter your username and password and tap Log On. Make sure you use the same authentication credentials you used to log in to the SAP Analytics Cloud web application. To learn how to enable Single Sign-on (SSO), check out this guide.
    4. On the Authorize Clientscreen, tap Authorize to enable access to your SAP Analytics Cloud data.

    And there you have it! For more details on installing your iOS mobile application, refer to this step-by-step guide.

    Preparing stories for mobile

    Now that you have your application set up, you’ll need to prepare your stories for your mobile device before you can start interacting with them. Begin by heading over to SAP Analytics Cloud on your desktop. Here, you’ll have to create your stories using Responsive pages rather than Canvas or Grid. With responsive stories, your pages automatically change to fit the device you’re using. This allows you to scale from large screens to phones and tablets. To learn how to create a responsive page, click here.

    When you’re creating your story, you can preview how it will look on a device by choosing Device Preview from the story toolbar. Here, you can select either Android or iOS for your Device type and specify a Size from the list provided.

    You can set different font sizes for the resolutions of different device types. This allows story designers to target how text is displayed for a single story when viewed across multiple mobile devices. Check out this article to learn how.

    Using the Mobile App

    Accessing Stories on Mobile

    Now that we’ve completed all the prep work, let’s take a look at how you can interact with your stories in the mobile app. To access a story on your device, you can either:

    • Click on the Home tab, which contains your favorite and featured content and recently viewed items.
    • Or click on the Files tab, which displays all the folders and files containing stories and presentations enabled for mobile

    For stories with multiple pages, you can easily swipe left to navigate to the next page and swipe right to go to the previous page.

    Interacting with your Stories: Filters

    Interact with story filters, page filters, model and dimension filters, and calculations using the Input Controls panel within the mobile app. To change a story, page, or calculation filter value click on the filter button found in the upper right part of your screen. In the Input Controls panel, you’ll see a list of filters. Calculations will appear under the category Others. In the panel for the selected filter, you can see a list of all possible filter values. Select one or multiple values by tapping the check box next to each value. Lastly, tap Apply and the story will refresh with your changes.

    You can also use chart filters. These are available from the Quick Actions menu after entering full screen mode. To learn more about chart filters in the Mobile app, click here.

    Using Search to Insight (Only available on iOS devices)

    Find the answers to your business questions right at your fingertips with the Search to Insights feature in the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile application. With Search to Insights you can:

    • Access key insights from the underlying data models through simple natural language queries from your mobile device
    • Quickly access the underlying data for your stories from your mobile device
    • Find previously searched queries (last 10) even without any connectivity, whether I am in a subway, aeroplane, or in a lift

    To access Search to Insight on your mobile device, go to the Home screen and click the lightbulb icon in the righthand corner of the screen.

    Next, query your data by using any of the following methods:

    1. If you know what you want to query, enter your question directly in the Ask a question search field. As you type, auto-complete suggestions will display above the search field in which you can choose from.
    2. Select any of the search recommendations displayed under Recommendations to Start your Search. The search result is displayed above the search field.


    To learn more about using Search to Insight on the mobile app, click here.

    Viewing the Digital Boardroom

    SAP Digital Boardroom enables you to interact with insights and simulate the impact of decisions on your company in real-time. Let’s take a closer look at how you can view and interact with your boardroom presentations in your iOS SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app.

    Note: Currently, you cannot view digital boardroom presentations in the Android app.

    To view a Digital Boardroom presentation, simply click the Home or Files tab in your iOS application. Next, you can select your presentation. A presentation can either be an agenda or a dashboard, which is indicated by the Digital Boardroom Type column within the list.

    The Table of Contents organizes content in your presentation in a tree view and allows you to search for topics by title. Agendas show all the agenda items in the presentation, which can be expanded to show a list of topics. Selecting a topic opens the first story page for that topic.

    Sharing and Collaborating on the Mobile App

    SAP Analytics Cloud for Mobile contains a variety of collaboration tools that will help you and your teammates collaborate seamlessly together. A few of the collaboration features within the app include being able to share story and Digital Boardroom links, create discussions with your teammates, and manage your notifications. To learn how to access and use these collaboration features, visit our help guide here.