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5 Things to Love About SAP Analytics Cloud's Mobile Responsive Design

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  • Quickly access your stories, navigate with ease, and stay connected with SAP Analytics Cloud mobile responsive design. Need more proof? Take a look at our list of top 5 things to love about SAP Analytics Cloud’s mobile responsive design.

    While we’re excited, what does this mean for you? We put together a list of the top five things you will love about the new mobile responsive design.

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    1. Access anywhere

    You created a monthly sales or financial report in SAP Analytics Cloud and you’re ready to present your findings to your executive team. However, not all board members are able to attend.

    Now with the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app, everyone can remain connected from any location right from their phones or tablets.

    2. One-touch login

    With the SAP Analytics Cloud iOS app, you can login with a simple touch.

    When you’re on the go, typing can be cumbersome. With the one-touch fingerprint scanner, you can quickly access your stories while still having a secure login.

    3. Collaboration

    In the collaboration center, you can connect with colleagues and chat with them in the app. Simply select who you want to collaborate with and they will receive a notification. Once everyone is connected, you will be able to discuss your shared stories, share story links, and share pictures.

    4. Responsive pages

    With responsive stories, your pages automatically change to fit the device you’re using. This allows you to scale from large screens to phones and tablets. All the real-time insights, dynamic functionality, and collaboration capabilities still work exactly the same way. Interact with your charts using capabilities such as drill-down and filters.

    With the new responsive UI architecture, switching pages is as easy as swiping left or right.

    5. Caching

    We implemented caching so you can revisit any selections you have done previously. Even without the internet, you can still go back to the same story and perform the same actions.

    Whether you’re on a plane or bus or in a tunnel, you can recall or review all the data you’ve worked with.