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Press Start with SAP Analytics Cloud

Learning Article
  • The connections are in place, the data is beginning to synchronize, and IT has flipped the switch on for your brand-new copy of SAP Analytics Cloud. You’re now online – welcome!

    But now what…?

    Getting started with SAP Analytics Cloud can be daunting, whether you’re a seasoned financial planner or a fledgling business analyst. The power you need to catalyze your data into actionable insights is at your fingertips, so let’s get you started with a few helpful resources in making the most it.

    1. Browse our Learning Track Library

    Did you know there’s a curated library full of blogs, wikis, videos, and webinars available 24/7? The SAP Analytics Cloud Learning Tracks contains a wealth of information from getting-started guides, to advanced forecasting tutorials.

    Each of the learning tracks will tell you exactly the time commitment you need to learn about a topic. If you need a quick answer, chances are there’s a resource available for you to continue your progress.

    Browse the Learning Track Library


    2. SAP Analytics Cloud Learning Journey

    Are you looking for a more of a guided tutorial from start to finish? Chart a course for the SAP Analytics Cloud Learning journey to walk through a series of videos and courses. Each stage takes you through a granular resource to help you maximize your data wrangling, designing, and sharing experience.

    Each section of the Learning Journey is created to build upon fundamentals with SAP Analytics Cloud – gradually expanding into greater detail on more powerful functions throughout the process. Did you know you can get a certificate from following the Learning Journey as well?

    Start your Guided Learning Journey


    3. Three Step Getting Started Guide

    Need a lower commitment version of getting up to speed with SAP Analytics Cloud quickly? Our Trial Enablement team has you covered with a three-step document on everything you need to start making the most out of your data.

    This visual guide serves as a quick starting point that may be useful if you are brand new to SAP Analytics Cloud. Take a peek through and see if your process getting started matches up with ours.

    Download Three-step Guide