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SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit

Learning Article
  • We’re excited to announce a new feature that will help you connect your data to SAP Analytics Cloud — the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit.

    Integrating data can be a time-consuming and even daunting process for those who are a little less technical than others. Our guided playlists offer comprehensive step-by-step walkthroughs to get you connected to various data sources.

    We listened to the feedback and implemented a more streamline version of the installation process that will reduce part of the installation time from an hour and half down to 10 minutes.

    Where applicable, the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit automatically downloads and installs the following components that are needed to connect to SAP Analytics Cloud:

    • Tomcat
    • Cloud Connector
    • Analytics Cloud Cloud Agent

    We’ve now packaged these components together in one simple application that you can download.

    Running the Deployment Kit

    To run the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit, visit the Software Downloads portal and search for “SAP Analytics Cloud kit”. From the list of results, download the latest version (the one with the highest number).

    Running the Deployment Kit is easy. Simply unzip the downloaded file and run setup script. Note — this is for Windows only.

    As the setup script runs in the background, you can install any additional drivers and complimentary components to connect to your data source. Once the script is finished, simply configure the Cloud Connector and the Cloud Agent.

    The Deployment Kit is ideal if you do not already have a Tomcat Server deployment running, or an existing SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP) Cloud Connector configured. If you have previously installed the Deployment Kit you can use the Repair/Upgrade described later to upgrade to the latest version.

    Configuring the Cloud Connector and Cloud Agent

    When the script is finished installing, you will see the entire setup guide, which you can go through and follow the process.

    Whether you have SAP Universe, SAP BW, SAP ERP, or some other database, there’s a clear explanation on what to do, where to put the different drivers, and what to do next.

    As an SAP Analytics Cloud user, you will need to have certain information that is available in your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. As an administrator, once you go into the administration step of SAP Analytics Cloud, you will need to have the sub-account, the region host, and all this information to configure the agent you are installing locally on your machine.

    While all the different services are being run, you can also setup all the different JDVC drivers. For this, there is additional explanation to make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running.

    When you see the following screen, you’ll be at the point where you have set up the driver. Now we need to configure the agent. For this, there are two things to configure — the Cloud Connector and the Cloud Agent.

    Once the Cloud Connector is running on your machine, you can connect to it using the user name and password provided in the setup guide, and fill in all the information about the sub-account. For this, you’ll need to use the information you received in your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant.

    You can now test the installation and validate that the connection is working.

    The next step is to point the Cloud Connector to the Cloud Agent that is also running on the same machine.

    Finally, in SAP Analytics Cloud, fill in the information about the Cloud Agent.

    As mentioned, the Deployment Kit is a much more streamlined process and smoother experience that will save you a lot of time. Instead of taking an hour and a half to go through the various downloads and setups of the different components, you can achieve the same result in under 10 minutes. Just simply download the script and run it on your computer and it will install everything for you.