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Self-Service Analytics with Smart Wrangling

Learning Article
  • In today’s world, a single data set doesn’t encompass enough information to answer the many and varied questions your organization faces. You, or any business users, are often tasked to bring together more and more data to develop a more comprehensive view. Even then, once you do this, the data your organization has may not be as you need it to answer those questions

    Learn more about the progression towards self-service analytics with smart wrangling in SAP Analytics Cloud.


    Harness the Power of Your Data Sources

    The smart wrangling capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud alleviate the need to perfectly prepare the data before the start. You have the power to manipulate, restructure and enrich data from both governed and ungoverned sources into a cohesive data set that helps you answer all the real business questions your organization faces.

    Learn more about smart wrangling from our learning track here.

    Answer Questions with Speed and Agility

    Historically, IT has been the central point for managing data and the go-to for getting answers. However, smart wrangling helps you answer questions quickly without the heavy dependence on IT. With Smart Wrangling you have the power to clean and unifying messy and complex data sets and create your own calculations by yourself, instantaneously. Ultimately, smart wrangling empowers the modern-day data analyst to manipulate, restructure and enrich data themselves through the technology themselves.

    Let the Data Guide You

    SAP Analytics Cloud’s smart wrangling capabilities introduce a new self-service analytics experience giving the ability to easily iterate between question and insight. The smart wrangling features don’t limit you to the same old repeated processes so instead of waiting for IT to make changes to a data source you to harness what you have and wrangle it with ease to get the job done—swiftly and flexibly.

    You can create complex calculations as part of your workflow with the new custom expression editor. With this, you can build out a sequence of calculations to be conducted in a specific order and capture the answer at the end.  The data validation feature highlights data quality issues and points out erroneous values. For example, if you have a numeric column but a value is written as “Seven” instead of “7”, SAP Analytics Cloud will highlight it for you.

    Now, you can easily iterate between cleaning and augmenting data to gaining insights, with the ability to ask new questions quickly you can let the data guide you.

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