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Smart Wrangling using Datasets in SAP Analytics Cloud

Learning Article
  • With the smart wrangling capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can get immersed in gaining insights from your data through stories and analysis, without worrying about getting the data prepared perfectly from the start.

    All Modelling Actions in One Dataset Overview Panel

    With the Dataset Overview panel, you can see how your dataset would be represented in a story. You will be able to iteratively work through an analytical cycle of accessing your data, manipulating it, cleansing it, creating analytics, validating different scenarios, and sharing your insights – easily and flexibly to give you an empowered experience.

    At a glance, you can see the dimensions and measures to build charts, input controls, and widgets in a story. You will also be able to make changes with drag and drop functionality to change measure or dimension type, and use shortcuts built in the panel to create semantic enrichments (hierarchy creation or geo-enriching dimensions). This Dataset Overview Panel makes it easier to conduct all standard modelling actions such as renaming or deleting from models directly or by switching to columnar view.

    However, your experience is improved with how datasets handle these issues; you will be warned in wrangling when values are not of the same data type required for a particular chart. These values will be removed when used in a chart, but the row containing this value will not be deleted from your dataset so that you can use this data in other types of analysis (whereas this data would have been rejected completely from the model).

    Note: Here, you can see that although there were data issues identified in the dataset, when switching to story view, you are still able to create a chart and the rows of data that do not fit as measures into the chart are simply filtered out instead of rejected from the dataset.

    Comfortable Custom Transformations

    Optimized to provide you with a comfortable programming experience, the expression editor will now offer you more efficiency without leaving your keyboard. Shortcuts, contextual help, type-ahead, quick navigation to function parameters, and copy/paste of expressions are all available at your fingertips.

    Intelligent Code completion is now available to you when creating custom expressions. The expression editor has been optimized with a more comfortable programming experience, offering you more efficiency without leaving your keyboard. Here are some key features that were brought into the editor:

    • Typeahead of column names, functions, keyword names
    • Function stub automatically displayed
    • Easy navigation across function arguments
    • Copy/Paste of expressions
    • Clear troubleshooting experience

    Custom transformations are based on a new, powerful language developed in–house called “Omega“. There is comprehensive troubleshooting experience built into the product to support you with getting started and using functions divided into: numeric, string, date & time, spatial, and other functions.