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Improve your Spend Visibility with SAP Analytics Cloud


Always be in the know when it comes to where your budget is going. If you’re leveraging SAP Procurement solutions to manage your company’s spending, you understand the importance of visibility to make better operational decisions. SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to extend the reach of your spend solutions by breaking down organizational siloes, providing greater insights, and detecting future trends— so you can see where every bit of your budget is going and ensure your spend management is aligned with your business priorities.


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Top Challenges for Spend Management Teams

Slow and Error-Prone Processes Due to Siloed Systems and Sources

Today, spend managers need access to a wide range of data from all over the organization, fast. However, many companies have their spend data spread across a variety of disconnected data sources, solutions, suppliers, and departments. Without having the ability to gain a complete picture of the company’s spend, it’s difficult for procurement managers to make truly informed decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to gain that complete picture of your company’s spending. The enterprise analytics solution seamlessly connects to a wide range of data systems—whether SAP Procurement solutions or third-party sources. This allows you to tap into enterprise-wide insights, providing you with the unified view needed for strategic spend management.

Limited visibility into Procurement KPIs and Operations

While having visibility of your supply chain is crucial to ensure factors such as meeting regulatory requirements and risk planning, 65% of procurement leaders have reported limited or no visibility beyond their tier-one suppliers. Those who don’t have full visibility into their procurement data will ultimately pay the price in higher costs and risk.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, leverage advanced business intelligence and analysis capabilities to empower automated, self-service insights. Gain up-to-date visibility for all your KPIs—helping your spend teams get the answers they need—on the fly. Detect future trends, identify new cost savings opportunities, adapt to rapid changes, and drive organizational success with a single solution.

Trouble Optimizing Working Capital

Working capital management is the ability to make the most out of your current assets, helping your company maximize its cash flow. To effectively optimize your working capital, you need to understand when you are eligible for a supplier discount and ensure you achieve those discounts that you’ve negotiated with your suppliers. Companies that have this visibility can free up cash for other business priorities.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides key performance indicators to help your procurement organization maximize its working capital. The solution can improve invoice processing efficiency by monitoring exceptions to ensure proper compliance of supplier agreement terms, such as order quantity, quantity received, and pricing terms. You can use intelligent automation to handle simple payment transactions. When the solution detects an exception, the invoice can be routed to the appropriate procurement professional. With all this information, your business can identify significant opportunities to improve overall cash flow.

Solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise

Enterprise Data and Analytics for Spend

Take your spend management to the next level with SAP’s integrated enterprise data and analytics solutions, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud.

For your enterprise data management needs, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud consolidates all your spend data, offering a single point of access across the enterprise. With self-service data preparation features, users are empowered to import large datasets and create complex data models. From there, SAP Analytics Cloud consumes these models to further pull insights from your data, providing a 360-degree view of your total spend for informed decision-making. When these solutions are paired together, you can unlock the maximum value of your spend data.

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Enterprise Planning for Spend

Planning can no longer be executed in silos across lines of businesses—it needs to be collaborative for better alignment and business outcomes. With SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, you can create strategic alignment across all departments—helping increase engagement and accuracy when creating plans and budgets in different lines of business. With collaboration at the center of crowdsourcing plans, SAP Analytics Cloud for planning empowers every business area to collaborate in real-time by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes.

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Packaged Business Content

Get started with SAP Analytics Cloud’s free Business Content, providing a quick and easy starting point for your individual spend analytics scenarios. Discover pre-built end-to-end industry dashboards for use cases such as procurement, travel and expense reporting, advanced compliance reporting, intelligent asset management, and much more.

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Learn how to Create an Intelligent Spend Organization with Augmented Analytics

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Why Integrate SAP Analytics Cloud?

Connect Securely with Connections

SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates with your different data solutions—whether spend and procurement, finance, HR, or customer experience. Connect to data from multiple different sources and visually analyze your information to see the full picture of your business and make informed decisions.

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Visualize Data with Business Intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud provides self-service analytics, allowing everyone across the organization to create compelling visuals based on key business areas. Make better decisions by interacting with visualizations, drilling down for more detailed information, and answering business questions on the fly.

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Automate Insights with Augmented Analytics

Automatically gain insights from any level of detail with Augmented Analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Accelerate growth by discovering the key influencers of past results to simulate future scenarios and predict outcomes.

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Simulate Future Outcomes with Enterprise Planning

Consolidate plans from across the organization and streamline your planning process with SAP Analytics Cloud’s enterprise planning capabilities. Create and modify versions of your planning data to drive better budgeting, forecasting, and analysis for the future of your business.

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Tackle Total Spend Management like a Pro

Meet Angela, a Procurement Manager and avid SAP Ariba user at Best Run Bikes. Angela is responsible for identifying potential supplier sources, keeping track of spend on procurement, and strategizing and negotiation with suppliers and vendors. Discover how Angela streamlined her Spend Management process by leveraging connections, data visualization tools, and predictive analytics to deliver insights that matter.

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