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Accessing SAP Analytics Cloud on Mobile Devices

January 8, 2020

Reena Sethy Reena Sethy
Reena Sethy is Director of Product Management for Mobile Analytics at SAP.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, users can create a story, a Digital Boardroom presentation, or an Analytics Designer application, depending on the use case. In most cases, they would like to access these artifacts from anywhere, anytime on any device.

When it comes to accessing SAP Analytics Cloud content on a mobile device – be it iOS or Android – we recommend the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application as your best option.

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1. Accessing SAP Analytics Cloud Stories:

SAP Analytics Cloud already supports stories on iOS devices, enabling users to access them from their iPhones, iPads, and supported Android devices through the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application.

2. Accessing Digital Boardroom Presentations:

If you have created Digital Boardroom presentations in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can also access them on iOS devices. The Android support timeline, however, is still to come.

3. Accessing Analytics Designer Applications:

If you wish to access Analytics Designer applications on your iOS mobile device, you can access them through SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile application.

Users can derive more value through the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application by going through the device browser. For instance:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile application is designed to provide an optimal mobile experience while interacting with your SAP Analytics Cloud content.
  • Finding information and insights is significantly more intuitive through the personalized view of Favorites/Featured content, and having a default story or presentation as the landing page of the application enables quick access to your content.
  • Having one touch, yet fully secured access to your content through the Mobile Application's extra additional app password and face/touch ID in addition to the SAP Analytics Cloud authentication mechanism makes for a more secure, and more flexible approach to signing in.
  • Responsive layout concepts enable you to design your content just once – same for both the desktop and mobile. The content then resizes itself to be suitable for all device sizes. This is applicable to SAP Analytics Cloud stories and Digital Boardroom presentations. For more information on this topic, check out the following blogs:
  • The Mobile Application also provides a way of accessing content without network connection through caching capabilities. Stay tuned for even more enhancements tailored to making this feature more exhaustive.
  • With the annotations feature, you can also take a screenshot and share it with colleagues, highlighting certain parts of the report.
  • Starting a discussion with your colleagues on the content using collaboration capabilities!
  • Receive notifications on your device for any updates, new shared content or discussions.
  • In the event that you wish to customize your SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile application to have its own branding – or if you are interested in rolling it out through the internal app store – you can use the SDK.

When it comes to accessing SAP Analytics Cloud content on a mobile device, the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application is the place to go for a more streamlined workflow. Download it today from the App Store or the Google PlayStore.

There are many more interesting capabilities lined up in 2021 for the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application. Some of these capabilities include voice enabled Search to Insights, having a more personalized view of your data, and being able to receive data alerts, among others.


Keep an eye on our Product Updates page to be the first to know about new features and enhancements to the mobile realm of SAP Analytics Cloud.