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Connecting Your Real-Time Data to SAP Analytics Cloud

February 27, 2020

Sean McGregor Sean McGregor
Sean McGregor is a Senior User Assistance designer and content creator at SAP.

Companies everywhere are looking to leverage their data to make effective decisions and grow their business. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can connect live to your SAP on-premise data and unlock the power of business intelligence, predictive, and planning together, all in real-time.

One of the first questions this leads to is "How do I do this?" How do I setup a connection quickly and successfully? What steps do I need to take to immediately unlock the power of live data with SAP Analytics Cloud? Join Glen Barton, the HANA & Analytics Development Manager, and Jessy Monrose from the HANA & Analytics Design team, as they discuss what it takes to be successful with live data connections.

To get started on your data integration journey, check out Data Connections for a picture of the overall data landscape, detailed support matrices for every data source type, and the necessary steps to get started.

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Already up-and-running with SAP Analytics Cloud and your live data?

If you haven't made changes as of version 80, Google Chrome started a phased rollout of changes regarding how cookies are handled in the browser that affects all live data connections. Read our Help article for how to take action and check out our FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked questions!