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Discovering Insights with Geo Maps

January 16, 2020

Joanna Denford Joanna Denford
Joanna is a Senior User Assistance Developer and Video Journalist for SAP Analytics Cloud.

Have you ever wondered why and when to use a geo map in your stories? Using the data for a fictional global shipping company as the foundation, this video addresses some of the questions you might ask and answer using various types of layers and geo map features in an end-to-end workflow.

When dealing with location-based data, like you might find in a shipping company, context is key. Seeing your data on a map can draw attention to how close or far apart data points are, how they cluster together, and how they move from one place to another. To illustrate, you'll explore how to geo enrich your data…

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…visualize store locations at multiple levels of the hierarchy, apply colors and sizing to highlight outliers..

…add relevant data from other dimensions and other data sources…

…apply distance filters, visualize the flow of data from source to destination, and use interactions with the geo map to filter other widgets in the story.

Check out the video to see where the geo map can take you!


This video is based on a webinar developed and delivered by Sofiya Muzychko.