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Feature Highlight – Dynamic Conditional Formatting in SAP Analytics Cloud

September 29, 2020

Ingo Hilgefort Ingo Hilgefort
Ingo Hilgefort is the Chief Product Expert for SAP Analytics Cloud based in Vancouver, Canada.

Those familiar with conditional formatting in SAP Analytics Cloud know about static number ranges. In the image below, we created a conditional formatting threshold based on a measure (Gross Margin), defined the number ranges, defined the color, and selected an icon.

Static ranges are, well… static, which means they do not change as the granularity of the dimension changes. For example, if we drill down, then the threshold we defined becomes invalid because it doesn't adjust to the new scenario.


Creating Dynamic Thresholds

We need to make the threshold dynamic, which is now possible in SAP Analytics Cloud.

You can setup threshold rules, where you compare two measures against each other and then define the threshold values based on the percentage value. For example, in the image below we are comparing the original price with the discount value. Based on the discount, we can configure the different threshold values.



The Importance of Dynamic Configuration

Why is configuring this in a dynamic way important?

Let’s take a very simple example. The below table shows our product hierarchy with the discount column leveraging the configured threshold. It appears our product categories are all giving us a red flag.


However, when we drill down to the next level, we see that not all our products are in the red zone.


Instead, we see the threshold values adjusting – based on the dynamic rules we defined – to the lower level in the hierarchy.

Try out dynamic thresholds for yourself and see the value it can add to your Stories. Don't have a business account yet? Register for our 30-day free trial to test out the various features that SAP Analytics Cloud has to offer.