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How SAP Partners Help Clients Solve Big Challenges

January 21, 2020

Anthony Karge Anthony Karge
Anthony Karge is a Senior Solutions and Product Marketing Specialist on the SAP Digital Strategy Team.

The Gates Corporation, the leading manufacturer of fluid power and transmission solutions, sought to transform their products into data-rich IoT devices. To make that happen, they turned to SAP partners NIMBL, who deployed SAP Analytics to turn this idea into a reality.

For more than 100 years, the Gates Corporation has been pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their products span across industries, from heavy manufacturing to automotive. Regardless of where their products are being used, Gates is committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Much of this innovation has taken place in the fields of material science and process engineering. Now, the Colorado-based manufacturers wanted to try something new by creating an internet-connected hydraulic hose crimper.

With IoT devices, Gates could gain deep insights into usage and performance that they never had before. With these insights, the customer experience and after-market care would be greatly improved.

“We have got products out there, but they’re manual we have no real-time data both from the customer usage of the machine, as well as [the customers] getting real-time access to data when we launch new products.”
Jason Taylor, VP of Global Digital & Innovation, Gates  

Making IoT Possible with SAP Analytics Cloud

To transform the internet-connected device from a mere idea into a viable product, Gates turned to NIMBL. This SAP partner works with companies of all sizes in order to solve their challenges. They look at the current situation and larger industry trends to help companies reach their goals.

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In this case, the process began with a whiteboard analysis and a conversation with Gates. NIMBL used this to work out how to best connect these hydraulic hose crimpers — which aren’t typically connected devices. After 10 weeks of prototyping they had the product up and running.

How did this happen so quickly? Part of the reason is that this turned out to be a “skinny project,” according to Michael Pytel, Practice Director at NIMBL. That means they didn’t need a dozen different solutions to turn this idea into a working product. All they needed was SAP HANA Cloud Services.

First, the HANA database was used to transfer all that data generated by the sensors to one centralized location. From there, the data could be analyzed and visualized with SAP Analytics Cloud. This made it easy for business users to see exactly what was going on, and then make data-backed decisions based on what they’re seeing.

“We work with companies big and small and flexibility is key because so many different organizations have multiple types of challenges. SAP HANA Cloud Services helps us solve those challenges with its flexibility. Large or small, simple or complex, we can use this technology to present data, correlate, analyze, and enable our business to make better decisions.”
Michael Pytel, Practice Director, NIMBL

The Impact of IoT

With the IoT-enabled product launched, Gates has access to data that was once impossible to get. They can see where their products are, how they’re being used, and respond based on what’s happening in the field.

“Now, we can better service our customers in a different way we’ve been able to in the past. In the past, it’s been a black box. [Before], you sold a product and it goes out into the market and it’s in the field somewhere.”
Jason Taylor, VP of Global Digital & Innovation, Gates 

These products are no longer a black box. Now, they’re an asset that generates valuable data to help drive the business.

What NIMBL achieved through SAP HANA Cloud Services is just the beginning. These impactful developments can be applied to different industries and companies.

“The beauty of this project is that this level of digital transformation can apply to organizations all across the country.”
Michael Pytel, Practice Director, NIMBL

The Power of SAP HANA Cloud Services

SAP Hana Cloud Services is a complete strategy to help companies unlock the full value of their data.

In addition to SAP Analytics Cloud, there is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the only end-to-end data management and decision-making cloud solution designed for business and enterprise-grade experiences.

SAP HANA Cloud, coming soon in 2020, brings the power and performance of SAP HANA to the cloud. Manage your data storage, federation, and run powerful applications all within a single cloud solution.

Each of these solutions can be deployed independently or used together to take care of the entire data journey.