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Meet the New SAP Analytics Cloud

April 7, 2021

Maddie Martin Maddie Martin
Maddie Martin is a Content Specialist on the Digital Strategy Team.

Your more intuitive and efficient user experience is here. SAP Analytics Cloud’s designers have listened to your feedback and implemented improvements to simplify workflow, creating a better product experience for all 

Discover a New Navigation Built for Simplicity

New Side Navigation

Access to all tools and applications is now all in one place on the left side navigation. This creates a single-entry point for everything from creating models and stories, to scheduling tasks in the calendar, or creating new data actions and more.

Instead of browsing through various sub menus and separate entry points, this new navigation aims to improve efficiency as you will only need a single click to access any tool or application. All applications and tools for creating and browsing content are accessible from the same menu.  

The new navigation also supports right clicking to open multiple browser tabs for different applications, as well as flexible display options with the ability to expand or collapse without sacrificing your viewing experience. 

New Top Shell Bar

The brand-new horizontal bar includes the new breadcrumb navigation and actions for the current screen on the left side of the bar. This includes the back button, tool name, file and folder path, and the new file actions menu. On the right side of the bar you’ll see global product settings like search, notifications, help, profile settings, and a shortcut to Search to Insight.    

Create and Access Your Files from Consistent Start Pages

For each tool and application, such as Stories or Models, you can now take advantage of central start pages. Consistent start pages let you browse your recent files or create new content from the same space. 

 On each start page you’ll find a Create New area and a Recent Files browse area. You can then choose the option you need. The Create New options are customized depending on the application in use. The stories start page for example, includes the different canvas types, template options, or the option to run a Smart Discovery- as well as your last 25 recent files. 

The new start page experience creates consistency across SAP Data and Analytics cloud products, while also providing a more intuitive user journey when working in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Know Your Next Steps with Tool Based Suggestions

The new file actions menu included in the top shell toolbar suggests logical next steps based on what you’re currently working on. This way you can quickly move from one part of SAP Analytics Cloud to another, without breaking your flow.

 For example, if you’re working on a model, the file action menu might suggest creating a new story or analytic application as a common next step. This reduces your number of clicks, streamlining workflow.

A Common Platform to Support You on Your Data Journey

Switch easily between SAP Data and Analytics cloud solutions with the application switcher and experience a unified platform.  SAP Data and Analytics cloud products provide a consistent platform to work in as well as the ability to switch easily between products, for ultimate flexibility.  

In summary, the improvements made to SAP Analytics Cloud are: 

  • A new simplified navigation to boost productivity.
  • Consistent starting pages to browse and create files.
  • Tool based suggestions for seamless workflow.
  •  A common platform to support you on your data journey.


Learn more about the changes step by step, with Wendy McGrath in the SAP Analytics Cloud New Navigation Walkthrough.

For more information and detail on the SAP Analytics Cloud improvements, check out the IT handbook. Looking for something more interactive? Check out our webinar with SAP product designers who will walk you through the navigation changes.