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Explore SAP Analytics Cloud, now in saphanajourney.com

November 25, 2020

In the last decade, data and analytics innovation has changed so much. How we process, manage, and draw insights from data looks completely different than a decade ago. And that’s a good thing. As businesses continue to evolve to meet the shifting demands they face, our data and analytics cloud solutions continue to evolve.

saphanajourney.com is excited to bring together the entire experience of data and analytics cloud solutions in one location. Bringing SAP Analytics Cloud into saphanajourney.com is a reflection of our evolution: the data value formula. With SAP Analytics Cloud as part of SAP Business Technology Platform and the data value formula, we are bringing together SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud into one centralized website to encompass the unity and strength of data and analytics, together.


What to expect

Now that sapanalytics.cloud is part of saphanajourney.com, you will still find the same great content.

You’ll find we’ve streamlined the navigation and made it easier than ever to navigate between solutions, learn about their features, and see how to gain value from solutions you may not yet be leveraging.

Under Products, you can explore each individual along with a brief description of what they entail. Or, you can choose to look at Business Technology Platform to understand how the data and analytics cloud solutions, powered by the innovation of SAP HANA, fit in with SAP’s entire technology portfolio.

Look for our most recent content under Resources. Here, you can find blog posts, customer stories, quick answers per product, as well as our Partner hub and Community page. Content under blog posts and customer stories can be segmented by product, so you can filter to see, say, how companies like yours leveraged SAP Analytics Cloud or filter for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to read up on any new content.

Looking to make the most of your trial or simply want to sharpen your skills? We have a ton of helpful resources available under our Learning section – from Onboarding Guides to Missions for interactive virtual learning, which can also be filtered by product. We also have a library for Deep Dives for those who want to really explore a topic in full.


What’s in it for you

What’s great about our new website is it’s a single place for not only analytics information, but for database and data management to see how they can strengthen their business with a full end to end, data and analytics strategy.

This is where our data value formula comes in, which helps businesses to visualize and realize the value of their data.



We've broken down and visualized the data value formula so it’s easier to understand how each factor amplifies one another when aligned: every solution is part of the equation and helps turn data into insights and insights into action.

This formula illustrates the importance of having a sturdy foundation and connectivity for your enterprise. It is not simply a question of having the best visualization tool or the fastest database. It’s about the tight interconnectivity of the entire data value chain – from its ingestion and storage to its semantics, governance, and analysis.

One very important aspect of the data value chain is that it can be applied to all solutions, regardless of vendor or deployment models.

We know that every enterprise has its own unique system and cloud strategy. The data value formula we provide offers customers the flexibility to choose the deployment model of choice – be it on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of both. Companies can move at their own pace to the cloud and maximize the value of their existing investments.

The tight interconnectivity of these solutions in the data value chain is how we make the superpower of data available to everyone, and now it’s easier than ever to see how they work together to turn data into intelligent insights.


Everyone's data journey is different

We began this integration with one thing in mind: to help you realize the value of your data, by showcasing the journey you can take to fully realize the potential of your data. All of our solutions support your various business needs.