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Power Up SAP Analytics Cloud on Mobile with the “iOS Optimized” Flag

January 29, 2021

Reena Sethy Reena Sethy
Reena Sethy is Director of Product Management for Mobile Analytics at SAP.

The SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile application for iOS is getting some helpful new features! See how you can make your experience on-the-go even better. With the Q4 2020 release, we have re-architected and optimized story rendering on mobile to provide significant performance improvements, while introducing some new highly requested features to bring parity between mobile and desktop applications.

This architecture provides us a solid foundation to build new features quickly in future releases. To access these changes now, you will want to note one specific new feature.

This release, you can open a story and save it with the “iOS Optimized” flag. Once you save it, the story rendering will use the newly implemented architecture.

This update, however, goes further than just an architectural change in the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app. Here are some additional features you can take advantage of right now:

Unified prompts and variables: apply the same prompts and variables as you would using the desktop version of SAP Analytics Cloud.
Advanced filtering – customized date filters: many customers were interested in “look back” and “look ahead” filters on the mobile app. This function is now readily available.
Story bookmarks: it is now easier than ever to create a default story bookmark and access it right from your phone.
Chart scaling: like the desktop interface, charts can now be scaled to better suit your story environment.
Improved search: a highly requested feature was the ability to search and filter lists with more than 100 values. Users can now search through a full list of values and apply precisely what they are looking for.
Chart borders: to improve visual clarity, some customers use the borders around the chart. A flag has been added to enable borders on mobile.
Custom web fonts & RSS feeds: for users of custom web fonts, note “iOS Optimized” stories will be able to see said fonts on mobile. This function also enables RSS feeds.
Hide inactive filter values: it is now possible to hide filter values that are not in use, so lists take up less screen real estate.
Hidden pages in hyperlink:  previously, there were few scenarios where hidden pages were used to navigate users through hyperlinks on the desktop. Enabling the “iOS Optimized” flag will now enable this feature on mobile versions of SAP Analytics Cloud.

A few items are still a work in progress in this architecture and not yet supported – namely geo maps and Digital Boardroom. If your use cases involve these functions, we recommend to stay on the “non-optimized” save version of your story. Both these features are on the roadmap and planned for future support under “iOS Optimized” mode. For more information on future features coming to SAP Analytics Cloud for mobile, see our development roadmap.

Please note the new architecture requires devices to have at least 3 GB of RAM to avoid any memory issues.

Moving forward, this new standard architecture will be the basis of most new mobile capabilities. Our recommendation is to start using the "iOS Optimized" flag at your earliest convenience.

Every release, we strive improve the mobile experience so you can easily make data driven decisions wherever you are. To learn more about how to make the most out of SAP Analytics Cloud on your mobile devices, visit our dedicated learning track.