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How Does Real-Time, Data-Driven Insight Help Paint Dry Faster?

August 8, 2018


Borchers Americas Inc., a leading additives specialist for coatings, paints, and printing inks, develops technology that improves the durability, consistency, and drying time of colorants and coatings. Its customers include some of the largest paint companies in the world. With rapid growth, however, Borchers found it more difficult to gain a unified view of operations and planning across its global business.

By deploying the SAP Analytics Cloud solution on SAP Cloud Platform, Borchers consolidated data from diverse operational units into a single business intelligence reporting platform. Now users can access trusted data in real time, even from sales reps’ mobile devices – improving decision making, guiding product development, and helping customers select the right drying additives.

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Developing a trusted source of data with SAP Analytics Cloud

Borchers deployed SAP Analytics Cloud on SAP Cloud Platform to create a single source of information about operations, opportunities, profitability, and product requirements.

Now, users can access data instantly, helping them support customer demand and enabling business growth.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Rapid business growth, resulting in diverse information stores
  • Inability to integrate data sources, creating a lack of trust in corporate data
  • Questionable data quality, compromising reporting accuracy


  • Ability to integrate data from multiple sources including SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation into a single business intelligence platform
  • Next-generation reporting tools from SAP Analytics Cloud, available on a subscription basis
  • Access to real-time data, whether employees are working in the office or at a customer site

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Improved data quality, allowing users to trust the data for decision-making
  • Simplified, instant access to data, enhancing customer communications
  • Increased ability to help customers choose the right drying additives for their products
  • Lower total cost of ownership for the company’s business intelligence platform
  • Reduced IT support burden thanks to applications that run on the cloud
  • Enhanced insight into customer profitability using new reporting functionality

“By implementing SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Cloud Platform, we have improved data quality and can now provide greater insights to our business teams across the world.”

— Jonathan Mortlock, CIO, Borchers Americas Inc.