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SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded and Enterprise Strategy for SuccessFactors

November 10, 2020


Since HR frequently needs to demonstrate its contribution to the bottom line, having timely insight to show value is paramount. Which is why data-driven approach to people analytics is key.  

And the good news? With the right all-in-one solution, becoming a data-driven with people analytics is not only feasible, it’s easy. In this blog post, we’ll go over the benefits to deploying an all-in-one solution so that you can get:   

  • A more engaged workforce: Breaking down silos enables HR to understand engagement and increase productivity (and profit) 
  • Timely, efficient processes: Ad-hoc simulations with fast performance and an intuitive, fast, and elegant consumption experience means quicker turnaround times. 
  • Improved hiring processes: Collect, manage, and analyze information to improve onboarding, increase retention, and reduce cost. 
  • Show value: Present and share easy-to-consume information clearly to stakeholders at any level 

We provide users with a consistent analytics experience, below, with SAP Analytics Cloud.  

Got a lot of data in other places? Click here to learn how easy it is to connect and integrate (yes, even if it isn’t an SAP source).   

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud solution connecting your people, data, and ideas from multiple sources to enable fastconfident decisionmaking. It allows users to discover, visualize, plan, and predict, all in one place. When combined with SAP SuccessFactors, it offers enhanced reporting and visualization tools.

For SuccessFactor users, there are three ways to integrate with SAP Analytics Cloud: 

  1. SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded with SuccessFactors 
  2. SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise Edition 
  3. SAP Analytics Cloud Packaged Business Content

Let's take a look at each integration!

1. SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded with SuccessFactors – for those who want to dip their toes in

If you were at TechEd2019, you probably remember Juergen Mueller, SAP CTO talk about this edition. Here’s a quick recap! 

The SAP Analytics Cloud embedded edition allows you to embed SAP Analytics Cloud business intelligence into your applications. With this option, you have access to stunning visualization capabilities with Business Intelligence (BI), so you can analyze workforce related information and tell compelling stories with your data. 

SuccessFactors users can also create or customize reports using all SAP SuccessFactors application data without having to replicate data. 

This provides tremendous value to all SAP SucessFactors customers as your HR data will be accessible across SAP SuccessFactors solutions with no additional licenseslimited to the data in SuccessFactors. 

Use Case: Showing the value of HR

Let’s say you’re looking to demonstrate HR’s value. You know your department’s done a lot of work this quarter and you’re looking to visualize the data to show the impact you’ve made.  

With embedded analytics, data from SuccessFactors can be turned into easy-to-consume stories and be readily shared to stakeholders at any level. You can demonstrate: 

  • Reveal correlations between HR practices and business outcomes. Make better-informed decisions for your workforce and increase the impact of HR. 
  • Track and analyze key recruitment KPIs. Track positions posted, job requisitions, number of application hires to date, position fulfillment ratio, application conversion rate, and much more to show stakeholders how you’re performing. 
  • Assess the talent pipeline in detail: Number of applications per department or paygrade part-time and full-time position recruiting and lead times for staff and management positions. 

2. Try SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise edition – for those who are ready to dive in

While the SAP Analytics Cloud embedded edition is limited to BI capabilities onlyour enterprise edition allows your business users to leverage the power of BI, augmented analytics, and collaborative enterprise planning.   

That’s a power combo. This advanced capability not only allows you to plan, predict, and share insights easily, it puts collaboration at the center of crowdsourcing plans. In real time, you can collaborate by breaking down silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes. 

Plus: SAP Analytics Cloud enterprise allows you to connect to other data applications. Which means what, whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, on-premise databases, cloud databases, or a combination of all three, you won’t have to manually move everything over. 

As well, live connectivity through SAP Analytics Cloud enterprise means that you can update your data visualizations and create models, build stories, and analyze them online in real-time, with no data replication.  

Use Case: Improve the hiring process

More than ever, HR is turning to people analytics to make data-driven decisions around candidate sourcing and selection.  

New predictive analytics software is also helping to improve hiring and predict critical business problems related to attrition, skills, and customer satisfaction. By using this technology, HR can make smart hiring decisions about the future that are backed by data. The benefits to this include: 

  • Improve your quality of hire. Identify top candidates, analyze what your best hires have in common, and repeat the process. 
  • Optimize recruiting costsReduce your spend channels that don’t bring in high-quality candidates. 
  • Make future forecastsPrepare for the future and make realistic estimates for your budget, time to hire, cost per hire, and hiring frequency. 
  • Improve diversity. Ensure diversity and inclusion are embedded into your hiring process with machine learning to predict and flag language that reflects gender bias during the recruitment process. 

3. SAP Analytics Cloud Packaged Business Content – for those who don’t know where to start

Packaged Analytics is great for those who don’t want to start from scratch or for those who aren’t yet ready to dive right into our enterprise edition.  

Packaged analytics leverages the Business Content Network, a library that provides SAP Analytics Cloud users with free access to prebuilt stories and models from other users.  

So, if you’re looking to create a story for headcount planning, you can explore our library of existing HR and data models, select a headcount planning template. All you have to do is input your data and voila – a fully fleshed dashboard that fits your use case! 

Use Case: Creating a more engaged workforce

To create a more engaged workforce, companies first need a finger on the pulse of its people. To do that, they need data. 

With the right software to analyze patterns, HR can easily visualize and understand trends from employee surveys, identify gaps, and reveal key drivers impacting a company’s future success – all in one place!  

For instance, HR departments can conduct workforce planning to increase company-wide engagement, such as: 

  • Identify issues before they arise with predictive analysis 
  • Allocate headcount to certain areas 
  • Analyze salary to performance ratios 

Putting it all together

When you can make better informed decisions for your workforce, you increase the impact of HR.  Take your people analytics strategy to the next level with an end-to-end analytics solution. Start your free trial to discover our data management and analytics offerings and expand on your data journey.