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Search to Insight functionality explained: What’s new in 2019.10

May 3, 2019

Flavia Moser Flavia Moser

With Search to Insight, you can ask SAP Analytics cloud questions about your data the same way you would ask a colleague. The conversational analytics in Search to Insight helps you get the information you need instantly, in natural language.

DISCLAIMER: These features are reflective of Search to Insight as of version 2019.10. For information on previous versions, see Introducing Search to Insight.

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Getting started just got easier

Tool bar icon and search bar widget
What if conversational analytics was the only interface you ever needed? Search to Insight can now be launched from any page within SAP Analytics Cloud by clicking the dedicated light bulb in the main toolbar.



Your analytics workflow now starts at the homepage! Search to Insight can be accessed through the new search bar widget (configurable by end users and admins).

User-specific recommendations
Not sure how to get started? User-specific recommendations based off recently used models and prior story interactions are now surfaced.



Model details explorer
Access a list of all measure and dimensions included in a specific model by clicking on the model details icon. Upon opening the drawer, measure and dimension tokens can be selected to create a new question or to add detail to an existing question.



Search history
Search to Insight saves your session results allowing you to refer to previously asked questions and corresponding charts or numeric points without having to conduct the search again.


Do more with your results

Reuse question
Previously asked questions can now be reused! Simply select “Reuse Question” from the copy options menu to populate the search bar. At this point you can modify the question by adding or deleting measures and dimensions.

Export as CSV
Data from charts generated via Search to Insight can be exported as CSV for further elaboration.

Get more specific results

Search scope
Narrow down your results by defining the scope of your search. You can search within: all of your available models, models included in your current story or the model you specified.



Search to Insight recognizes and understands a wide variety of keywords and BI and planning specific phrases. Here are some of the ways you can ask Search to Insight to customize your results:

Rank and sort
You can use Search to Insight to sort and rank your data based on performance. Specify keywords like top/bottom, best/worst and specify the number of results you want in the ranking.
For example, you can ask “Show me the top 10 regions by net revenue for 2019.”

Version type
Compare and specify version types as defined in your model, such as: Actual, forecast and budget.
For example, you can ask “Show actual vs forecast net revenue for 2019.”

Hierarchical navigation
If your data is modeled as part of a hierarchy you can automatically show the breakdown and drill down into dimensions.
For example, you can ask “Show profits for all regions” or drill down into your location dimension by asking “Show profits for Canada.”

Chart type
Search to Insight will automatically choose the best chart-type to display your results. However, if you would like to show your results in a specific chart type you can specify when setting up your query. For example, you can ask “Show me last month’s sales by region as a bar chart.”

Time phrases
Search to Insight understands a number of different queries based on time. You can ask for results based on any of the following time phrases, provided the information exists in your model.

  • Dates (March 3)
  • Periods (last quarter)
  • Cyclical intervals (last two months)
  • Explicit interval (January 1-8, 2019)
  • Fiscal Periods (last fiscal year)

Data connection

Live HANA connection
Import data connections and HANA live data connections, including parameters.

Import data connection
Search your imported data seamlessly with Search to Insight.

Future plans for Search to Insight

Search to Insight is a powerful feature that is continuing to grow and expand in supported capabilities. Here are some of the things we’re working on supporting:

  • Live SAP S/4HANA, live SAP BW and Live SAP Universe
  • Import data models with Data Access Control
  • Data blending across models
  • Search to Insight to the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile App and SAP Digital Boardroom
  • Speech to text
  • Predictive phrases

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