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SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Insights with Digital Boardroom

December 16, 2019


Join Wendy McGrath, from the Video Journalism Team, HANA & Analytics Design Services, as she interviews product expert, Priti Mulchandani about using SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Insights to prepare financial dashboards on your laptop, and then present your findings using Digital Boardroom.

Let’s say you’ve stepped into the well-heeled shoes of a financial controller at a top company. You need to prepare and present an analysis of your company’s performance, and plan budgets for the next quarter.

Despite the tight deadlines, you need to confidently interpret your data, and impress your executive team with your insights.

In the video, we take a quick look at how Smart Insights lets you really get behind the numbers, to understand what, who, or where, is contributing most to your business results.

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We also see how Smart Insights can identify significant changes in your data over time.

Taking Travel and Expenses as an example, we look not only into the current and historical Travel and Expenses costs, but with the forecasting capability in SAP Analytics Cloud, we can also see ahead into future quarters, for different business units.

We touch on how you can compare actual, forecast and budgets using variances in SAP Analytics Cloud.

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