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Get started quickly with content packages for SAP Analytics Cloud and Digital Boardroom

The Benefits of
Business Content

The free business content for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom provides a quick and easy starting point for your individual analytics scenarios.

SAP Analytics Cloud business content features technology highlights such as planning, Smart Assist, value-driver trees, and mobile design.

Key Assets


  • End-to-end industry dashboards
  • Re-usable line of business packages
  • Content is tailored to work with recommended SAP data sources
  • Includes detailed documentation of KPIs, models and data flows
  • Comes ready to run with sample data or live connection
What is included?

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a content library with packages of end-to-end business scenarios for specific industries and lines of business.

Each package provides an overview of which business questions are addressed. The list of technical objects is also available.

For more details on each individual package, explore the content library in the application or check out the list below.

How do I activate the business content?

In your SAP Analytics Cloud system:

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Browse > Files 
  2. Select Content Library and then Business Content
  3. Choose your package and click import

For more instruction, please check the latest documentation and watch this video tutorial for more details.

Industry and Lines of Business Content Packages


This listing covers all of the industry and line of business content currently delivered by SAP.

For more details, download our public guide

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Learn how business content can help you accelerate go-live, build on best practices and leverage your existing data. Download our public guide on all line of business and industry content now.
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